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Miami Tech Entrepreneurs Convene to Discuss the “Real versus Hype” In Miami’s Tech Startup Ecosystem

Miami tech entrepreneurs and leaders convened on Aril 27th at Bar Works-Wynwood in yet another exclusive Jurnid session entitled “Miami’s Tech Hub, Real vs. Hype.” Moderated by Jurnid Founder Andrew Quarrie, the speaker panel included leaders from some of the most esteemed Miami tech startup companies and supporters: Maria Derchi Russo, Executive Director of Refresh […]

Human Scaled: Building Cities with Immigrant Powered Entrepreneurship

During the launch of the inaugural Urbanism Summit, held on February 21, 2017 at the Miami Design District, a panel of entrepreneurs and immigration attorneys gathered to discuss the contributions of immigrants to building cities and growing the U.S. economy. Central to the conversation were the benefits of having immigrant talent working alongside American startups […]

Zika Combating Technologies

The spread of the Zika virus has caused as much of an uproar in public health as it has divided us on how to combat it. While governments and organizations have scrambled to find the most effective way to stop the spread of Zika, others have been creating new technologies and refining older methods to […]

Digiartefacto – Intersections of Technology, Art and Architecture

Miami is a prime symbol of what the American melting-pot can create, melding different fields of study and mediums of interest into one on an international scale. It’s important to understand how technology plays a part within this collage of culture and intellect. In response to this evolving dynamic, Jurnid Sessions presented the community at […]
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